Project Execution Plan

       Upon receipt of the project award notice, Prosper Titan managing director and the manager of the project will be nominated as being totally responsible for project execution. The managing director is responsible to provide the project manager and his team with all the supports required for successful execution of the project mobilizing required resources of the company. He is also responsible to work as the interface between the company top executive and the project team.  The project manager, directly reporting to managing director, is responsible to the company to execute the project within the budget and on the schedule with superior quality.

       A typical project execution is briefly described in this section

Scope of Services

Prosper Titan co-operates with assistance to the client’s project management for

        • Definition of project scope and services
        • Development of project plan
        • Development of project control system
        • Organization and staffing
        • Estimation of project cost
        • Preparation of progress reports for client approval
        • Review of technical documents
        • Procurement and subcontracting

Prosper Titan develops detailed project plan that consisting of:-

      • Milestone schedule
      • Detailed schedule ( working plan )
      • Development of engineering document list
      • Development of material control list with emphasis on long life material & equipment.
      • Project cost estimation
      • Mobilization  plan

        Prosper Titan performs project control through the use of established procedures and computer aided program and is responsible for verifying actual performance against established project plans to investigate deviations from the original plan and take an alternative solution , Project control consists of design control , cost control , schedule control , material control and site work control.

        To achieve the superior quality, minimum cost and shortest,Prosper Titan will set up a task force organization.  All of the staff who will work full time on the project are assembled in one location and carry on their jobs under the Project manager.The responsibility and duty of the key personnel are as follows

    • Project Manager
    • Project Engineering Manager
    • Project Procurement
    • Project Administrator
    • Schedule / Cost Engineer
    • Quality Assurance / Safety Officer
    • Project Engineer / Supervisor

        Prosper Titan’s Project Design Team will immediately handle all engineering design works as per requirement of project scope and will closely co-operation with construction team to achieve the overall project works. The main items of this engineering design are :-

    • Civil / Steel Structural / Architectural design
    • H.V.A.C / Plumbing / Fire Protection Engineering
    • Environmental Control Engineering
    • Electrical engineerin
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Other technical services
      •  Soil investigation
      • Paint,  insulation,  fire proofing,  fire fighting
      • Marine dock and jetty design
      • Material handing

        The Procurement activities will be consists of

      • Vendor selection
      • Requisition
      • Bid evaluation
      • Negotiation
      • Purchase order
      • Expenditure
      • Inspection
      • Testing
      • Shipping
      • Customs clearance

        Prosper Titan will be approach to construction projects and emphasize the importance through pre-construction planning, craft manpower, equipment and material logistics critical to the successful completion of the major project, especially at remote sites which are through reviewed and the coping measures thereof are pre-arranged.

        Preparation of temporary power, lighting, water and temporary facilities, field cash flows, mobilization plan for subcontractors and direct hired craft manpower, mobilization plan for major construction equipment and vehicles, finalization of the estimated construction cost and CPM schedule, subcontracts award as required by the project schedule but with sufficient time for the subcontractor to prepare their mobilization, site procedure, quality assurance procedure, regulations, construction drawings and specifications are expedited where required.

    • Site survey
    • Site preparation and grading
    • Underground works
    • Foundation works
    • Road and pavement
    • Building and structural works
    • Equipment erection works
    • Piping erection works
    • Electrical and insulation works
    • Painting and insulation works
    • Punch works
    • Testing and pre -commissioning works

        See QA&QC Plan

        See HS&E Plan