HS&E Plan

  • Make understanding and strict following PT’s HS&E Policy
  • Make training and every reasonable effort to prevent accident, keeping good health and maintain environment condition
  • Make management strategy to achieve HS&E Standard

        It is the policy of Prosper Titan Co., Ltd. (PT) that each of its employees will be provided with a safe and healthy place to work without doing any harm to the surrounding environment.

        To achieve this policy management will ensure that all personnel make every reasonable effort in the area of accident prevention, including incident reporting, recording and investigation, hazard control, health preservation and employee training.

        Everybody who works in the company is responsible for getting HS&E right.All works will be carried out in a manner, which is consistent and compatible with our goals of 

    •  No accidents, no harm to people or damage to the environment
    •  Compliance, as a minimum to all legislative requirements
    • HS&E performance has the highest priority over the achievement of cost and schedule targets
    • Conformance to all HS&E requirements of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

    • Preparation & Submission of HS&S Plan ( Safety Plan )
    • Assignment & Organization of HS&E Staff
    • Co-Operation & Adjustment the HS&E Plan ( Safety Plan )
    • Orientation & Training all operating people ( Staff & Workforce )
    • HS&E  System Action & Controlling
    • Monitoring & Evaluation
    • Reporting & Hand Over
    •  To prepare all HS&E measurement & document
    •  HS&E Induction & Orientation
    •  Job Safety Analysis ( JSA ) & Training
    •  To arrange the process of protection measurement in during operation :
        • HS&E Talk
        • Toolbox Meeting
        • HS&E Notice Board
        • HS&E Inspection
        • Tool/Equipment Inspection
        • Emergency ( Evacuation ) Planning
        • Healthy Working Condition Audit
        • Environment Inspection & Waste Management
        • Incident /Accident Report & Investigation
    •  HS&E Recording & Report